Seller Information

David Cooper
D. Cooper Machine/Heritage Dairy Goat Farm
Windsor, KY

Hay Information

Hay Type Sorghum/sudan
Bale Type Small Square
Bale Weight 40-60
Number of Bales 800
Lab Analysis
County and State located in Kentucky
Additional Notes We just cut sugar pro sorghum sudan mixed with fescue, fall grass, and orchard grass. Baled on July 27. Sudan is about 33% of the mix, just beginning to stem. Good cow feed! Weather pushed baling and it was put up a bit too damp. Needs to be used. We salted the bales as they went into the barn to hinder molding and heating. I have a 53 foot box truck that will deliver 800 bales for $3 per mile from Windsor, KY. I will check every bale for weight and quality as it is loaded. 40 lbs or more per bale. If shipped to Columbia, cost with shipping would be approximately $5 per bale. Please give me a call. David Cooper Sr.