Seller Information

George Loveland
Marshfield, MO

Hay Information

Hay Type Fescue
Bale Type Large Round
Bale Weight 750 lbs
Number of Bales 37 bales
Lab Analysis
County and State located in Webster, Missouri
Additional Notes This hay is clean and was fertilized March 7, 2017. I am down to about 12 bales of the very clean hay and have about 25 bales that have a little (less than 5%) Johnson grass that had not developed seed heads yet when cut. Fields will be lightly fertilized again and will probably have about 80 bales of clean 2nd cutting in October of 2017. It was cut June 19th with a JD conditioner and put up dry on shares by a farmer who will feed it to his cattle so you get the same hay. Hay is over the edge net wrapped and stacked in or near the fields where it was baled. Seed was combined off of the same fields a few years ago and I was only docked for the orchard grass seed in it. $33 per bale. Delivery available.